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Personal Interests

These are areas of technology that are interesting to me and I have a good understanding of, but not necessarily things that I have formal “commercial experience” in.

DJing and Lighting Design, under my “Buxton The Red” DJ alter-ego. (Digital DJing with Traktor Pro 2.6, Lighting with Sweetlight / ShowXpress DMX software)

Second Life including 3D environment building and extensive scripting (with the in-built LSL language).

Dogecoin crypto-currency (a descendant of the Bitcoin system).

Digital security - TOR, Truecrypt, PGP, Computer Forensics.

I do build my own websites, but I have been fortunate to work with some proper graphic designers and “HTML/CSS Construction” experts and fully appreciate the vast difference between my skill set and theirs.

If you would like to have a website far more amazing and beautiful than I can produce for you, I would be only too happy to refer you to those serious experts.