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I use PGP.

PGP Key info

Please send any PGP mail to:

PGP info

My OpenPGP Key

I use OpenPGP for email if required for sensitive subject material and also advise others on how to use it securely and effectively.

You can download my PGP key here, or it's available on the standard SKS-Keyservers pool (take the most-recent one, with ID 80A08DA0 - but then double-check the fingerprint before relying on it).

My key carries IDs for both my main email address (matt.fowler@gmail.com) and my PGP-specific one (pgp@matthew.fowler.name).

If you are going to send me PGP-encrypted mail, please send it to my pgp@matthew.fowler.name address as it's far easier to work with there than through GMail!

My full key fingerprint is:

9E3F 4234 7CF1 E146 02E6 1487 CB77 3E63 80A0 8DA0

Please remember that a web page is not a suitable proof of Key Fingerprint to rely on for Key Signing purposes.

If you want to send anything that you would regard as requiring high security, please get in touch to arrange a more interactive (and hence safer) confirmation of my key's Fingerprint first.