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Some Previous Projects

"Offshore Leaks" for ICIJ

Designed and built a private site for sharing otherwise-unmanageable masses of source material securely with invited international journalists, to facilitate what has been called the "likely largest journalism collaboration in history" (at that time). Oversaw the transfer of about 2.5 million files (roughly 250GB in total) up to Amazon Cloud services, undertook server configuration to host an off-the-shelf data mining tool, and created a custom login-wall security wrapper around that commercial software to provide the user management aspect. (This project was shortlisted for a European Press Prize!)

Later on in the same journalistic endeavour, I coordinated development efforts with international developers from Costa Rica who created the "Offshore Leaks Database" site - using a shared level of technical knowledge to express the requirements across a partial language gap.

Supporting Forensic Expert Witness Reports

Working closely with digital forensic expert and investigative journalist Duncan Campbell, I have developed the first version of a bespoke Android phone/tablet application to log mobile-network data for geographic analysis. Development of this app is continuing, to make it 4G-ready and provide for "in the field" map display of captured data points.

Also providing Duncan Campbell with technical assistance on various court cases in which he has acted as an expert witness - often using Talend Open Studio (open-source ETL platform, comparable to MS SQL Server Integration Services) to ingest Excel spreadsheets of data in to SQL Server databases to allow for robust analysis (including creating Stored Procedures, Functions and Views as necessary).

For Inchcape Fleet / IFS (both as outsource and then in-house)

Implemented new features for existing applications (C# ASP.Net and SQL Server) as required, collaborating with colleagues to resolve known bugs and proactively identify and resolve problems before they became critical issues.

Built automated data import process (SQL Server Integration Services) to collate several different sources of external data and create / amend database records accordingly, for an application to monitor and manage the performance of external suppliers.

Completed and launched a ground-up rewrite of a driver-and-document management system which Inchcape offers as a service to their clients; includes integration with the DVLA to obtain driver licence records and a third-party facility for driver risk assessments and providing subsequent online training. Uses Windows Services for routine “overnight” processing tasks in addition to ASP.Net web-app and web services.